Web Technologies Certificate of Completion
Internet usage has permanently grown and so has the demand for those with Web Technology skills. Get your certification now and get these sought-after and high-demand tech skills.

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   Whether you're a solopreneur looking to design, develop and maintain web projects for yourself or your clients, or you want a powerful competitive edge in the job market, we'll help you get there.

Fast, easy and affordable Web Technology Certification, with Weekend Full-Day classes.

This is Web Technology training taught completely online, but led by a real, live instructor who will patiently answer your questions, guide you through, step by step and make sure you understand the materials in the shortest time possible.

You will learn the essential Web Design & Web Development foundational skills in a nurturing learning environment designed to get you certified quickly and easily.

You will participate in multiple live instructor-guided labs and exercises that will help you solidify what you've learned.

Personalized attention from LIVE Instructors represents the highest quality training available.

With many online courses, if you have questions, you're asked to submit them to a "forum" where, hopefully, one of your fellow students (really?) will try to answer them.questions

That means you submit your questions and wait . . . maybe you'll get quick, accurate assistance, maybe not. We don't believe this is an ideal solution.

Obviously, job competition is incredibly high right now. Give yourself the smart & competitive advantage of's Web Technologies Certification.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics has said "Employment of web developers is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations." Technology career fields have historically been among the most profitable, professionally-satisfying and recession-resistant and Web Design and Web Development are two of the most popular on-ramps into the IT world.

Thinking of taking one of those $2,500 - $3,000 multi-week Web Design courses?

Here's some great advice: take our low-cost, high-quality course first. Doing so will give you two absolutely huge advantages . . .

  • You'll know exactly what a real life Web Designer or Web Developer does day-to-day, before you plunk down three grand.
  • You'll go in to that very expensive class prepared to "knock it out of the park" because you'll already have a thorough grounding in the subject matter.
  • Now, that's a smart strategy!
Here is what you will learn and what you should expect students will receive multiple step-by-step walk throughs as well as instructor-guided, hands-on coding and design labs and exercises specifically crafted to teach them how to get comfortable with and use the following technologies to create (or target), manipulate and style website elements.
HTML 5 If you want to design and code the front end of the web, you will need to understand how to use HTML. It is the starting point, the "on ramp", to a career in Web Design and/or Web Development. It is absolutely a foundational skill.
CSS 3 You will learn how to control the style, appearance and the position of every element that appears on screen through the power of CSS. Version 3 of this simple yet powerful language brings with it a host of brand new features like rounded corners, shadows, gradients, transitions or animations and a lot more.
Bootstrap 4
Bootstrap 4 Bootstrap is an essential tool for modern front-end designers and developers. It removes a great deal of the complexity you would otherwise experience as you ensure screen elements are positioned correctly in both desktop and mobile environments. This powerful technology actually combines elements of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in one seemless package. Don't worry though - it's easy to use. We'll show you how!
jQuery JavaScript is known as the "language of the Web"; and for good reason. It's used in almost every single site on the Web today and you won't get very far without learning how to use it. jQuery has been called the "Write Less Do More" JavaScript library. It hides much of the complexities of JavaScript while still making a lot of its' power available. This makes it an ideal way to ease into using the power of JavaScript.
What's the salary range for an entry-level web designer or web developer?
Obviously, the answer to this question will depend in large part on what part of the country (what job market) you're in, among other factors. That said, we can get a good overall view from job sites like and, who handle tens of thousands of real live job postings daily.

This puts them in a position to have an extremely accurate read on salaries for these exciting fields. Each firm reports a slightly different rate, depending on exactly when they issued their statement (was it January or June?). Nevertheless, they can provide us with a good "ball park" reading. Here is how they answer the salary question:

"The average salary for an entry level web designer is approximately $23.32 per hour. Salary information comes from 209 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months."


"Based on recent job postings on ZipRecruiter, the Entry Level Web Designer and Web Developer job market is very active. People working in these areas are making on average $46,552 per year at an entry level."


"The national average salary for a Entry Level Web Designer is $59,504 in United States. The national average salary for a Entry Level Web Developer is $85,355 in United States."  


"Average Entry-Level Web Designer & Developer Salary $49,668."


We know: It's been proven that learning high-demand skills can tremendously improve your chances of finding a job, or of finding a better job. We also know, that as the economy comes back, the competition for jobs will be brutal.

We also understand: Paying for the training that will give you that needed competitive advantage can be especially challenging right now.

We want to help: That's why we've discounted the cost of registration by more than 40% - so everyone that wants the training, can get the training.

   $499    $299
Obviously, these classes fill very quickly, so register now to reserve your seat.
Class requirements:
There is no assumption of prior coding or design knowledge, however, students will need to have a basic understanding of how to navigate the folder structure on their laptops (Mac or PC), create folders and name and save files, etc.
All classes are 8 hours in duration, including one hour for lunch (time permitting).
All Saturday classes are taught from 10:00 am EDT until 6:00 pm EDT.
You should consume the training on medium to large screens, such as an iPad, laptop or desktop. Attempting to follow along on smaller screens, such as smartphones is not recommended.
Day Date & Time Signup link
Saturday Sept 26,
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday Oct 3,
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday Oct 10,
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday Oct 17,
10:00 am - 6:00 pm